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Jochen Hückmann Foundation Guest Professorship for Judith Frydman

The PROXIDRUGS community welcomes Judith Frydman (Stanford University, USA) at Goethe University. Judith Frydman was awarded with the Jochen Hückmann Foundation Guest Professorship for Research Excellence and will stay for the summer semester in Frankfurt. On 2nd June, 11 am, she will be giving a Perspective Lecture on "Molecular Origami: The TRiCky business of folding proteins in the cell" (Location: Goethe University Campus Riedberg, Otto-Stern-Zentrum, Hall H2). Her work is highly relevant to the field of targeted protein degradation Her seminal contributions in chaperone-mediated protein folding and protein quality control have provided the field with a better molecular understanding of the triggers for proteasomal degradation.


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