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Christian Münch receives LOEWE top professorship

Professor Christian Münch has been awarded a LOEWE Top Professorship at Goethe University. The Hessian LOEWE Top Professorship programme provides up to 3 million Euros to appoint internationally renowned scientists to Hessen or to keep them in Hessen for a maximum of five years and to support the strategic profiling of the universities.

The funding will support the new Institute of Molecular Systems Medicine under Münch's leadership that will focus on integrating molecular mechanisms of cellular stress responses with system-wide approaches that allow a better understanding of human diseases.

Christian Münch studied in Cambridge, did his PhD there and worked at Harvard Medical School. He has led a research group at Goethe University since 2016 and is a principal investigator in the PROXIDRUGS Cluster, SFB1177, ENABLE and the Cluster of Excellence CPI.



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